NDSF Framegrab Web Service


The NDSF Framegrab Service provides access to metadata and images (framegrabs) captured by NDSF marine vehicles, primarily Alvin and Jason II. Results can be filtered with a number of query parameters, and returned in CSV, GML, GeoJSON, or Shapefile formats. This is a GeoWS compliant service.


Metadata Request Base URL



http://service.iedadata.org/ndsf/framegrab_metadata?minlon=-45&minlat=-90&maxlon=45&maxlat=90&vehicle_name=Alvin http://service.iedadata.org/ndsf/framegrab_metadata?vehicle_name=Jason-II&format=geojson

Query Parameters

name example description
minlongitude -175.0 The easternmost longitude.
maxlongitude 10.0 The westernmost longitude.
minlatitude -60 The southernmost latitude.
maxlatitude 90 The northernmost latitude.
starttime 1980-10-29 12:14:59 Include framegrabs only after this time.
endtime 2015-11-15 1:12 Include framegrabs only before this time.
cruise_id AT11-06 Include framegrabs from this cruise.
vehicle_name Alvin Include dives by this vehicle only.
dive_name J2-093 Retrieve the framegrabs from this dive only.
feature_name transect Search for dive features containing this string, and return all associated framegrabs.
event_text Seadata1 Search for event text containing this string.
format geojson Return results in this format. Valid formats are csv, xml, geojson, and shapezip.
download false Download data instead of displaying in the browser.
See Description tab for more information about service.